Types of Lawn Grasses to Fit Your Yard

Picking a type of lawn for your yard can’t be done randomly. You’ll be surprised at how vast the grass family is, so making a decision isn’t easy, it could even lead to the choice in ride on mower down the track. The best way to go about it is to ask a gardener for some suggestions. Before you choose a lawn of your own, read these helpful tips:

Warm Weather Grass

This is the type that would thrive in areas that are warmer. This is ideal for yards with less or no shades at all. This lawn grass includes the Bermuda (both hybrid and not), Kikuyu, and Zoysias. Warm weather grasses need a little attention and are salt tolerant. Thus, they don’t die being exposed to urine accumulated from pets. However, they trail, so you need to groom and cut trails to keep the grass intact.

Mild Season Grass

This refers to those that stay green throughout the year and live in a temperate climate. Examples of mild season grasses are the Tall and Dwarf Fescues. However, they can’t manage winters and are not tolerant to salt, so don’t let your pets pee on them. These grasses tend to spread wider, so you’ll have to mow them every now and then.

Shady Lawn Grass

Bluegrass is considered to be a fine choice if your yard is located in a highly shaded area. This type grows and spreads quite fast, so you’ll also have to mow often

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