My husband and I always wanted a garden to show off to our neighbors. Every time we invite guests over, we always do the activities indoors. It’s a shame because we have this huge empty backyard and we are not maximizing it to its potential. Our problem was then put to a halt when a friend suggested Dunn & Sanderson. We instantly called, and they immediately arrived on our planned date. They were wonderful; even if we were on a tight budget, they turned our lifeless backyard into a delight in just a short period of time!

–    James and Dana Burke

Dunn and Sanderson instantly made me popular. My friends are crazy about rooftops, and they were always bugging me to create a hangout spot for us girls during the weekend. Since I was the only one with a rooftop among us, I decided to concede with their plea. I just can’t believe how skilled these people are. They made my tiny rooftop into a haven. They installed a synthetic lawn and placed lighting all over the place. All I did was drop some beanie bags, and since then, my place has become a hit.

–    Christy Anderson

I thought my yard was already a paradise, but Dunn & Sanderson Landscaping made it more beautiful. My wife and I always do an annual change in our home. This time, we opt for our yard. I wanted some new ideas, so I searched and found Dunn & Sanderson. My lovely but plain yard turned into a tropical paradise after they did all the work. They picked out the ideal style, planted new greeneries, and even offered to do maintenance on our lawn.

–    Randy Martinez

I suggest that you hire these great landscapers. I requested for a landscape that would highlight my roses, and they did not disappoint me at all.

–    Elizabeth Brooks