Here at Dunn & Sanderson Landscaping, we pride ourselves with our vast and high-quality services. Here are the services that we cover:

  • Gardens – Landscaping wouldn’t be complete without adding in a great garden in it, so we make sure that we plan, design, maintain, and enhance it for you for you: plants and seed selection and supply; stonework designing; installation of synthetic lawns; garden maintenance like mowing, weeding, pruning, trimming, mulching, etc.; and arrangement of garden lighting
  • Pavements – We work on building or recreating pavements according to your taste.
  • Decks – We enhance decks buy landscaping the area that surrounds it.
  • Walls – We redo or decorate your outdoor walls to fit the theme that you are aiming
  • Water Features – We install fountains, create irrigation systems, make wells, and the like.


We accept landscaping for any style since we believe that creativity has no limits and an artist’s greatest asset is his flexibility. Here are some of the themes and styles that we usually work with:

  • Modern Approach
  • Formal Settings
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Rustic Appeal
  • Kid-Friendly Zone
  • Farm Inspired
  • Chic and Elegant

If your desired approach is not included in the list, we would gladly listen to your ideas through consultation and create that landscape that you truly prefer.