Outdoor Smoker Ideas that would Look Natural in your Yard

It is never a crime to at least spend your outdoor activities and barbecue time in a natural area with a rustic vibe to it. Outdoor propane smokers can vary a lot in design, but if you choose to have it natural looking, here are different types that would easily blend in your yard:

Brick Smokers

These smokers are considered a classic and are simple to make. For a natural feel, you can choose brick colors that would complement the surrounding plants, flowers, and walls.

Wooden Smokers

Smokers made out of wood can easily blend as it is a natural element in your garden. Choose colors that complement the surrounding trees in your yard.

Clay Smokers

Another variety of smoker is made out of clay. Aside from it being inexpensive, these are very natural looking.

Rock Smokers

With so much of this resource around, you can make a smoker without spending too much. Like bricks, you can easily pile rocks to recreate your very own rock smoker.

Final Advice

As for the placement of these smokers, you can put it in an ideal spot near a tree, in front of the bushes, or even under the ground to make it blend in your environment.

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